About Us

Leading the Pest Control Community with Integrity.

Integrity Pest Control was founded in 1999, preceded by more than ten years of managing, selling and servicing accounts in the DFW area and Waco, TX.

Throughout our years in the industry, we have seen all kinds of pest problems.

We started our business in response to deceitful exterminating companies. We have had tremendous success with our customers by providing a very thorough discussion of services, along with reasonable, affordable pricing.

We determine the best solution and do what it takes at a fair market price. Other companies may quote low initially, but they work on up-selling you once they arrive at your property. If we quote a price over the telephone, 9 times out of 10, that is what you will be invoiced once the job is completed.

When you choose Integrity Pest Control, trust that you will always get an honest answer. We are inspired by the words God spoke through James (1:27), and we give special consideration to widows and single parents. While we do not advertise coupons, we work hard to discount our prices to take care of their pest control needs.