Fire Ant Elimination

We’re Fired Up About Fire Ant Elimination

Fire ants can be a pain — literally. One bite is excruciating and causes a severe, burning itch. These insects need to be handled and treated with caution and care.

Integrity Pest Control uses TopChoice Insecticide, which provides single-application control of fire ants for up to a full year. TopChoice controls existing colonies and prevents new infestations. Applied only by professionals, TopChoice is formulated specifically for broadcast application with commercially available spreaders.

TopChoice Insecticide is known for:

  • High effectiveness, low active ingredient
  • Lowest dose, non-bait, professionally applied insecticide
  • Residual control – just one broadcast application controls fire ants for up to a full year
  • Effective after rainfall or irrigation
  • No need for fire ant mound treatments
  • Flexible label

Diffuse Your Fire Ant Infestation Today.