Mole Trapping

Stop active backyard moles before they literally make a mountain out of a molehill.

There is a lot of information — and misinformation — out there when it comes to solving your mole problem, along with expensive products that don’t always do the job. At Integrity Pest Control, we believe that the most efficient method remains trapping.

Homeowners tend to get confused about the “advice” they get. For one, mowing your lawns to control lawn grubs and insects is often ineffective. Moles — carnivorous by nature — eat earthworms. No amount of castor oil or other home remedies will also keep those moles out.

Trapping is the most effective mole control method, but we get the best results during spring and fall, especially after rain. In the summer and winter, moles are active in deep soil and more difficult to locate.

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Mole & Gopher Elimination

Gopher Elimination

We Do the Dirty Work for You

Pocket gophers burrow underground and highly depend on their sense of touch to move through their tunnels. They range from 5 to nearly 14 inches in length, and, unlike moles, are vegetarians and eat mainly of plants, roots that they encounter while digging. Homeowners who tend gardens will find these creatures problematic, as they can cause damage to underground utility cables and irrigation pipes, roots, among others.

Integrity Pest Control gopher elimination services include baiting the tunneling system, raking down existing mounds and then constant follow up until there is no new activity. We can solve your problem in less than 2 weeks (on average), depending on the size of the infestation.

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