Wood Ant Infestation Treatment

Our Treatments Work Harder than Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants live and travel and on the surfaces and voids of your home — which make them a small but terrible insect problem. While there’s not one single solution, the key is to identify their trails and prevent primary colonies from connecting to satellite ones.

Integrity Pest Control uses a combination of these methods (with a one-year warranty at that)
to stop carpenter ants dead in their tracks:

  • Carpenter Ant Granule Bait
  • Carpenter Ant Gel Baits
  • Power dusting Attic
  • Power dusting eaves and Soffits
  • Liquid Applications of Products
  • Aerosol injection of Void
  • Termidor Foaming of wall Voids
Wood Infesting Ants

Turn the Tables on Acrobat Ants
Don’t be fooled by their heart-shaped abdomens. There’s not much to love about Acrobat Ants, which live in an assortment of dead and decaying wood. In your home, you’re likely to find them in your firewood or wood workings, creating cavities.

Integrity Pest Control uses an arsenal of less toxic treatment products and techniques, such as dusting and baiting to eliminate an Acrobat Ant infestation.

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